Copywriting Services

Copywriting Services

RjCrowley Productions offers professional copy-writing services designed to build your brand as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The main thing, is to keep the main thing, the “main thing”!

The more sales messages you have, the less effective your commercial will be.

We’ll narrow your message down to a very basic thought, and then resist the temptation to throw in other stuff just because you have 30 seconds. Instead, we’ll spend the time incorporating the following elements to get a response from your listener:

1) Touch Emotions

Why can Grandma relate a story to you that happened 70 yrs ago, but she can’t remember what she had for lunch?

Simple: the story stirs up emotions embedded in her memory, whereas the lunch was just plain boring.

No one will remember your sales message six months from now, which is when they may be ready to buy your product, unless it’s embedded in their emotional psyche.

Paint a Picture

Radio is a visual medium. Telling a story is painting a picture in the listeners mind using emotional experiences they can relate to. It can be as simple as the sound of a car that won’t start, howling wind and chattering teeth. Anyone with an unreliable car will relate to that scenario and know how annoying it is to have that happen. Then…tie in the sales message: “A tune-up at Al’s Automotive will prevent…”

2) Don’t Sell Your Product or Service…Sell Results

Michelin doesn’t sell tires….it sells safety for your baby.

Crest doesn’t sell toothpaste…it sells cavity free kids.

Gatorade doesn’t sell colored liquid in a bottle…it sells thirst-quenching energy!


That’s the end of the tutorial….RjCrowley Productions wants to collaborate with you to create the most effective branding tool on the market: The copy that will become the cornerstone of your radio commercial. Simply call or email for more info or a personal consultation.

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