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Hi and thank you for visiting my website. My name is RJ Crowley, and I am what is known as a “Creative”. Simply put, I combine my two greatest strengths: Creative Writing & Storytelling and utilize those assets in three primary, yet distinctly different platforms:

1)   Copywriting for Radio Stations:
For the past 20 years I have been free-lancing as a professional copywriter, writing cutting edge advertising copy for various media outlets across the country. My client list has included: Nassau Broadcasting; Great Eastern Radio & Midwest Communications. The benefits of hiring me as your in-house copywriter are obvious, yet bear repeating: You and your sales force will SAVE TIME. Salespeople should be focused on what they do best: Selling airtime. Then, simply send me the Production Order (Copy Points) and I do the rest. And, best of all, my turnaround time(s) is the best in the industry. Plus, I am offering ONE MONTH of FREE COPYWRITING for all new clients. Simply email me, call or text to learn more!

2)   Immersive Theatrical Events:
I write, direct and produce Murder Mysteries for all kinds of clients. In the past 5 years alone, I have produced Murder Mysteries, at Country Inns; on board Trains; at Five-Star Resorts & even Assisted Living Facilities. These character-driven, highly entertaining “whodunnits” are immensely popular and not only bring much-needed “buzz” to your business, but they are also an excellent supplementary income stream for you. There are many ways to structure a Murder Mystery, financially so contact me today to learn more!

3)   Author:
As I mentioned in my opening statement, my skill set includes creative writing, and storytelling. As such, I have written 2 plays (One Acts) that have been produced on multiple stages, and I am currently writing an anecdotal memoir entitled: “I Can Almost Taste It” . Point being, I enjoy writing. It’s simply and everyday part of my life. If you feel my writing talents can in anyway benefit you and your business Let’s start a conversation and envision a happy ending.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay safe / Be kind!

All the Best,

RJ Crowley
rjsee11@gmail.com 802-369 5390.

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